Changing the landscape.

If you’re not in Texas you may not realize we are into one of, if not the, worst droughts in recorded history. We haven’t had any significant amount or rain in almost a year now. To make it even worse this summer set records for the number days with temperatures at 100f or more. This one is going to change the landscape. Already the wildfires have devastated areas larger than some states. The week of Labor Day they were within a couple miles of our home. Many friends and family just north of us were evacuated and some still aren’t home.

Yep, my grandchildren will grow up looking at a different Texas than I did. The trees are dying at an unimaginable pace. We’ve already taken one down in our yard. An oak tree planted in 1968 by my parents the first year they were married. It’s the first of several. At least two more, another oak and a pine tree, are turning brown even with watering. Luckily in the country you have your own well and no one can tell you when you can water. The irrigation on the trees around the house has gone on 24/7 since the beginning of July. I don’t see it stopping until I have to worry abut the pipes freezing.

But on a good note the stump made a suitable test for my “new” old lens on the 4×5. I had to build my own mount to fit the 210mm/370mm Schneider-Krueznach convertible lens to the camera. Nothing a little Lexan and a Dremel tool couldn’t handle. So far it’s working great. I think tomorrow I’ll take it for a spin on the other side of the creek to see some of the fire damage now that it’s relativity safe again.


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