Scorched earth policy.

Scorched earth policy. That’s what I thought of as I was driven through the Remington Forest subdivision yesterday. The small neighborhood in the northern corner of Waller county was the hardest hit in the recent tri-county wildfire. About 90% of the homes there were lost according to information I gleaned from news reports on the internet. Some close friends of mine live in there and are counted in the lucky 10%. Thanks to the hard work of the volunteer fire fighters from all over the region, and even from out of state, not a single house on their street needs more than moderate repairs before they can move in again.

It’s kind of funny how the fire seemed to randomly pick and choose it’s victims. When I walked into John and Steph’s back yard you could see where the fire stopped just a few feet from their kid’s bikes. It was like time kind of froze everything. Innocence and destruction staring each other in the face. On another street further back in the neighborhood, one house stands surrounded by other homes burnt to the foundations. The people who live there told John the day before all they had was smoke damage inside. All of their neighbors lost everything. It was surreal.

Like a lot of things, fences meant nothing to the fire. The plastic economy fences used in Remington Forest melted in the fire leaving a tribute to Salvador Dali behind. While they might make interesting subjects for a photograph they are a twisted monument to the fate of the neighborhood.

I have some more shots to develop from the 4×5. The new lens and DIY lensboard worked well. Now I just have to mix up some fresh developer. Fair starts this weekend. I’m looking forward to the long days of shooting there again this year. The area needs a break from all this for a little fun too.


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