Waller County Fair, first weekend wrap-up.

Queens were crowned, competitions were won, fun was had by all.

It was a beautiful weekend in the tri-county area. Even if it was a bit hot for those not used to being in this part of Texas during the “official” start of fall. It was a rodeo and concert weekend. As I left on Sunday, the carnies had arrived and were setting up for next week and the ag barn was being prepped for the 4H and FFA kids show animals to start coming in.

The media crew had a little addition this year. The fair committee erected a scaffold next to the rodeo arena for us to use as a shooting platform. It feels kind of strange to not be hanging off the fences having to pay attention to where the animals are headed in case you need to make the choice between jumping off and getting hit by a stray horn or rope. It makes for a nice shady spot underneath during the day events too.

I have to give a special note of thanks to Saturday nights headliner, Jack Ingram. He’s the first entertainer in three years that insisted the photographer get a photo with the talent at the VIP meet & greet before the show. When the last VIP had their photo taken, I thanked Jack for his time. He just smiled and said “The photographer deserves a shot too”. Asked me to show his road manager how to use the camera and stayed for one last shot. That was a nice touch of respect from one artist to another and I appreciated it. He put on a great show to top it all off. Bright lights, thick smoke, and loud ass music.

And speaking of artists. I have to share the conversation I had with Shenandoah drummer/co-founder Mike McGuire. Mike actually stared off as a photographer out of high school; being a full time musician followed that. At one point he even owned and operated his own studio. We had a good conversation about how the technology has changed over the years since he was in the game. I’m sorta glad he didn’t succeed as a photographer. Shenandoah’s string of hits was a staple of my own high school career and has been victimized by my rare bouts of drunken karaoke.

For my parting shot I have to give tribute to the ultimate behind-the-scenes group of people. The road crew of a touring band. These folks get all the work and none of the glory. This guy is a perfect example.

(This was shot during the set. The edge of the stage and a stack of amps are just out of frame the the left.)


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