Technology. Ain’t it grand!

There are times that I’m amazed by what we’re capable of. Even in my short lifetime I remember that having a computer in your home was like having a TV in the house for my parents generation, or a phone for my grandparents generation. Now I’m sitting at a picnic table in an empty arena typing on a laptop that’s connected to the internet through a phone that fits in my pocket while downloading photos from my camera of the heifer show I just shot and watching big rigs full of rough stock come in for tomorrow nights rodeo. Our lives, like that last sentence, tend to run on with all the different things we can accomplish in a short amount of time. I think I’m going to pull out some film and take a quick breather from the insanity.

PS. Just before I hit publish on this post it thundered. I hope it doesn’t rain out our youth barrel racers tonight.


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