Yes, it was a rain out.

I’m kicking myself for not updating this in so long. Yes, it was a rain out for the barrel racing last week. It made for a good photo op though. The stock company for the PRCA rodeo had pulled in shortly before and unloaded their horses giving me a great foreground to play around with. In the last few minutes before the storm hit I moved into the area to get some reference shots for the Fairgrounds. I took the last few frames as the rain started coming down, then ran back to the truck to stow gear before it got soaked. Lots of lighting and sideways rain for about 45 minutes. It muddied everything up enough that the arena events were called off for the night.  The rest of the weekend went off beautifully and I’m currently printing out a portfolio of bull riding prints to put together. Back to you soon when I have another break.


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