Froehlich’s Hardware

I had a little time today, so I took a trip into Rosehill to shoot something that’s been nagging at me. Froelich’s Hardware store. I remember when I was a kid going to the store with my dad a few times to have Norman make stuff for us. You see there was a blacksmith shop attached to the store. Outside of Amish country that was an anachronism even in the early 1980’s. I always loved watching him heat up a piece of steel and start hammering it into something, anything. I still enjoy watching a blacksmith at their work.

With the 4×5 loaded and ready I headed out after running a couple errands and picking up some tacos for lunch. I’ve discovered that people notice when you’re shooting large format. I had a couple people honk and wave as they drove by and one lady stop to talk and see the camera. It reminds me of my father-in-law talking about the universal club of the corvette. He says it never fails that when two corvette drivers pass each other on the road there’s always a nod and a smile exchanged. A sign of respect to the choice in cars. I guess the same thing applies to certain cameras.

Of course nothing ever goes easy. I have a few frames that didn’t turn out after development and I have no idea why this time. I think I may go back tomorrow if I have a chance and re-shoot them since it’s was shots I really wanted. But since I spent all afternoon developing and scanning them I at least wanted to share a what I did get.


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