Breakfast in New Mexico

Last night was a good run all the way to Fort Stockton. As usual though is was up at 3:30 so it was an early start. The plan was to make it to El Paso for breakfast. I’ve never been to El Paso before. It was still dark when I got to the edge of town. It looked like a city in a pit. Even in the dark it looked like a place that just eats things, where they get trapped. I wasn’t feeling very hungry looking at it from I-10. The sun had come up enough by the end of town that I could make out what the interior looked like. Darkness looks good on El Paso. So here I sit at the Fork in the Road diner in Las Cruces. Trying to write on my phone. It’s a bit slow and frustrating.

I did make one stop this morning. Van Horn. I have a history with Van Horn. My cousin has some land there and we’ve made a couple trips out there. South of town its like a lunar surface with cactus. Fascinating to a gulf coast kid like me. It was 5am but I had to stop and say hello to a place I’ve come to enjoy. The neon of El Capitan’s sign begged for a picture.



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